Frequently Asked Questions About Kathmandu Tour

The Kathmandu tour is one of the bucket lists of many people worldwide. When we find something interesting during online shopping, what do we do? Undoubtedly, we put that item in the cart. When we have enough money and feel like buying it, we go to the cart list and do checkout.

Just like that, there are many people worldwide who are planning to do a Kathmandu tour. They are waiting for the perfect time and situation to fulfill their wish. If you also plan to go on the Kathmandu tour and have many questions, this blog is for you. This blog will cover most people’s questions regarding the Kathmandu tour.

Where is Kathmandu?

Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu, is located in the central part of the country. It is the financial, cultural, and political center of Nepal. It is situated at an elevation of 1,400 meters above sea level.

What Are the Must-visit Places in Kathmandu?

Kathmandu is a vibrant city full of culture and history. The Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Thamel, Garden of Dreams, Narayanhiti Palace Museum, etc. are just a few of the must-visit attractions in Kathmandu.

  1. Boudhanath Stupa: Boudhanath Stupa is an important Buddhist religious site and one of the largest stupas in the world.
  2. Swayambhunath Stupa: Swayambhunath Stupa, also called the Monkey Temple, is another important Buddhist religious site providing breathtaking panoramas of the town.
  3. Pashupatinath Temple: Hindu worshippers must visit the historic Hindu temple of Pashupatinath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  4. Kathmandu Durbar Square: Kathmandu Durbar Square is a collection of historic temples, palaces, and courtyards in the center of Kathmandu that refers to the area’s rich cultural past.
  5. Patan Durbar Square: Patan Durbar Square is another collection of historic temples and palaces that provides a window into Nepal’s illustrious past and distinctive architectural style.
  6. Thamel: Known as the tourist center of Kathmandu, Thamel is a bustling sector with a wide choice of shops, eateries, and pubs.
  7. Garden of Dreams: The Garden of Dreams is a stunning garden that provides a serene escape from Kathmandu’s congestion and noise. It is a serene garden in the middle of the city.
  8. Narayanhiti Palace Museum: The former home of the Nepalese royal family, Narayanhiti Palace, has been transformed into a museum that highlights the historical and cultural diversity of the country.

Pashupatinath temple

During which time of the year is it best to visit Kathmandu?

The autumnal months of September through November are ideal for travel to Kathmandu. This time of year is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and sightseeing because the weather is typically dry, bright, and mild. This time of year also offers clearer vistas of the Himalayan mountain range.

Spring, which lasts from March through May, is also a fantastic time to travel to Kathmandu. It’s a perfect time to tour the city’s gardens and parks because it’s pleasant outside and the flowers bloom this season. But, it’s essential to remember that Kathmandu may get quite overcrowded during the busiest travel season, and lodging and entertainment costs might increase. It’s usually a wise option to reserve lodging and excursions to eliminate inconveniences.

What Is the Mode of Transportation in Kathmandu?

In Kathmandu, roads are the main form of transportation. Public buses, which run on various city routes and link Kathmandu to other major towns and cities in Nepal, are the most widely used transportation. Taxis and three-wheeled “tempo” or “tuk-tuk” vehicles are also common for small distances within the city. Both visitors and residents can lease bicycles and motorbikes, and many locals also use their motorbikes or cycles as a mode of mobility.

Is Kathmandu a Safe Place to Travel?

Yes, it is typically safe to travel to Kathmandu. However, being cautious and attentive to your surroundings is essential in this city.


What Are the Local Dishes to Try in Kathmandu?

Indian and Tibetan culinary traditions heavily influence Kathmandu’s cuisine. Some local dishes to try in Kathmandu are momos, dal bhat, Newari cuisine, thukpa, chowmein, juju dhau, lassi, Sel roti, thakali khaja set, etc.

What Is the Famous Food of Kathmandu?

Momos are a well-known dish in Kathmandu. All over Nepal, these dumplings are a typical snack or starter. They can be steamed or fried and are filled with meat or veggies. Usually, they come with a hot, tomato-based dipping sauce.

What Are the Popular Souvenirs to Buy in Kathmandu?

Kathmandu offers a variety of souvenirs for visitors to take home. Some popular souvenirs in Kathmandu are Thangka paintings, Pashmina shawls, handmade jewelry, Nepalese tea, handmade paper products, singing bowls, prayer flags, khukuri knives, etc.

Is It Necessary to Get a Visa to Go for the Kathmandu Tour?

To enter Kathmandu, you must have a visa. All foreign visitors to Nepal, except Indian citizens, must obtain a visa. Visas-on-arrival is also offered for some nations at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Before your trip, you can also get the necessary documentation from the Nepalese embassy or consulate in your country of residence. A visa’s cost and validity will vary depending on how long you plan to stay and why you travel.

How Do I Prepare for My Kathmandu Tour?

Before you go on your Kathmandu tour, you should know these things:

  1. Verify the entry criteria and visa requirements before your trip to Nepal.
  2. It is preferable to make your hotel reservations in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.
  3. In Kathmandu, rickshaws, buses, and taxis are all easily accessible. Yet we must be ready for severe traffic and gridlock on the roadways.
  4. Nepal’s official currency is the Nepalese rupee. In Kathmandu, there are many ATMs, and most of the city’s top hotels and eateries accept credit cards.
  5. The official language of Nepal is Nepali. But, the majority of Kathmandu’s population speaks and understands English.
  6. We must respect local people’s traditions and customs.

Boudhanath Stupa

Why Is Kathmandu Famous for Tourism?

Kathmandu is famous for tourism because there are many UNESCO World Heritage sites in Kathmandu, notably the Pashupatinath Temple and Swayambhunath Stupa. Many pubs, clubs, and eateries in Kathmandu serve locals and visitors, and the city has a thriving nightlife. It is a reasonably priced travel destination that both luxury visitors and budget-conscious backpackers can visit.

What is the Duration of the Kathmandu Tour?

Depending on the schedule and the preferences of the traveller, a Kathmandu tour’s length can change. While some people might only want to spend a few days in the city, others might want to stay for a week or longer. Typically, a Kathmandu tour lasts three to seven days.

What Is the Old Name of Kathmandu?

The old name of Kathmandu is Kantipur.

How Much Does It Cost for a Kathmandu Tour?

It entirely depends on the locations you want to travel to and the areas you usually stay. The average night cost at a five-star hotel like the Hyatt, Radisson, Annapurna, etc., is NRP 15,000. OYO hotels are available, with prices ranging from NRP 1000 to NRP 5000 or more. The average food bill will range from NRP 200 to NRP 1000 per meal. While talking about transportation, public buses are a lot cheaper than booking a cab.

Can I Travel Alone to Kathmandu?

Yes, you can travel alone to Kathmandu. It is a safe place for any international travellers.

Patan Durbar Square

Is Kathmandu Worth Visiting?

Kathmandu is definitely worth visiting. Kathmandu has many exciting places to visit. Also, it provides a variety of outdoor sports like hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. The city is a gateway to the Himalayas and a well-liked vacation spot for thrill seekers. Hence, Kathmandu is an exciting city with distinctive architecture, culture, and scenery.

Do and Don’t in Kathmandu Tour?

While you travel through Kathmandu, remember the following dos and don’ts:


  1. Do respect the customs and cultures of the area.
  2. To prevent plastic waste, always have a reusable water bottle on hand.
  3. When shopping at a local market, bargain for lower costs.
  4. Try the momos and dal bhat that are served in all restaurants.
  5. Remember to take off your shoes before entering a Nepalese house, temple, or monastery.


  1. Avoid disrespecting religious traditions or symbols by touching or stomping on statues or prayer flags.
  2. Never consume tap water without first purifying it.
  3. Never take pictures of individuals or religious places without their consent.

Are There Enough Hotels and Lodges in Kathmandu?

Yes, there are enough hotels and lodges in Kathmandu. You can stay either in a five-star hotel or in simple accommodation.

What Festivals Are Observed in Kathmandu?

Many festivals are observed in Kathmandu, depending on what type of people live there. People celebrate different festivals as per their culture. For example, Newars celebrate various Jatras, Sherpas celebrate Loshar, etc.

Is Kathmandu the Capital City of Nepal?

Yes, Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal.

How Can I Travel to Kathmandu?

You can travel to Kathmandu by air. There are direct flights from many major cities to Kathmandu. Airlines that offer flights to Kathmandu include Nepal Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Air India, and many more.

Where Can I Stay During the Kathmandu Tour?

Tourists can stay in a variety of accommodations in Kathmandu. Hotels, guesthouses, homestays, and hostels are a few common options.

Is Kathmandu Expensive?

Kathmandu is inexpensive. Accommodation, transportation, and food cost are relatively cheaper in Kathmandu.

How Are the Local People in Kathmandu?

The local people in Kathmandu are amiable and helpful. They always welcome guests into their homes with open hearts.

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