The country of Mt. Everest: Nepal, is situated in the southern part of Asia between the giant colossal nations of China and India. It is a landlocked nation spanning approximately 56,827 square miles and generally divided into three different geographical areas.

From the northern snowy Himalayas to the plain fertile lowlands of Terai, Nepal fills up with unique and exotic destinations. Nepal attracts thousands of travellers and explorers from around the world because of its natural beauty.

Just like that, Nepal’s climate also fluctuates with its topography as Nepal has sub-tropical to arctic climatic conditions depending upon the altitude. Nepal is primarily famous for its high soaring mountains, lush wetlands and hills with deep dark caves and plains. Its diverse topography and climate enrich the ecosystem with diverse flora and fauna not found anywhere else in the world. Thus, many people also like to visit this nation of extreme nature to explore and research.

Not only that, but Nepal is also a very culturally diverse country with different religions and beliefs. So, in every sense, it has all the necessary natural and cultural differences to attract tourists. People who come upon this mesmerizing land can go for many adventurous activities ranging from high Himalayan trekking to simple cultural tours & jungle safari in the lowlands.

Besides that, Nepal offers other activities like paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, bird watching, cycling, Heli tour, mountain flight, rock climbing, peak climbing, expedition, canyoning and many more.

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