Off Beaten Trek

Off Beaten Trek refers to the phrase ‘off the beaten track’. These packagess focus on sequestered, idyllic trips through unconventional routes with little to no trail traffic. 

The uninhibited commercialization of popular routes has resulted in the dismissal of an essential component of any trek. This is something that we unconsciously anticipate and look forward to: seclusiveness. Mother Nature is the biggest introvert of them all; and when your head is filled with terrible ideas, she will help you in the subtlest manner. It may be a tree-bark that looked like a face you’d recall, or maybe a cloud that reminds you of  a heart-warming memory. It could just as well be apophenia too. 

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,”
– Robert Frost

Some ambiverts may argue that obligatory small talk and bonding with fellow travelers is somewhat tolerable—more importantly, a necessity. Well it could be true but we all still need a break from the usual every once in a while. 

The off beaten trek is a journey of self-contemplation. The un-judgy solemnness of Nature comforts us in reaching a sound resolve from the thoughts that are constantly bothering us. Walking unperturbed along these remote routes will certainly clear your head and get your thoughts in order. Without the agonizing need to socialize, calming your nerves will be a piece of cake. Humanity then, will seem to make more sense in the bigger picture. In case you’re in a chatty mood, then you always have our humble tour guide for a patient reception of your conversation.

The off beaten trek leads us through the backwoods of unfrequented trails in the districts of Chitwan, Solukhumbu and Myagdi, without any compromise on the views that you would see otherwise.


Off Beaten Trek package

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