Manaslu Region

At 8,163 meters above sea level, Manaslu ranks as the eighth-highest mountain in the entire globe. Manaslu region is located in Nepal’s west-central region, in the Mansiri Himal, a section of the Nepalese Himalayas. The Sanskrit term Manasa, which means “intellect” or “soul,” is where the name Manaslu, which means “mountain of the spirit,” originates.

It is possible to trek in the Manaslu region in a variety of ways. 177-kilometre famous Manaslu trekking path crosses the Manaslu massif over the pass and descends to Annapurna. Only in 1991 did the Nepalese government allow for this circuit’s hiking. Along the Budhi Gandaki River, the trekking route follows an old salt-trading route. Ten peaks over 6,500 meters (21,325 feet) are visible along the way, including a handful over 7,000 meters (22,966 ft).

The Larkya La, which rises to a height of 5,106 meters, is the highest point encountered throughout the walk route (16,752 ft). The mountain has been climbed over 1100 times. In 1997, the Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) was established to conserve and manage the restricted area, which includes the Manaslu region.

Manaslu Region package

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