Nepal: Dream Destination for Travelers

Nepal and the magnificent Himalayas of our country is considered one of the best destinations to travel on Earth. Living in the country of Everest makes us the proud dweller of not just mighty Everest but every glory adhered to it. Traveller’s around the world dream to conquer the beauty bestowed upon the diversified socio-economic and geographical life of people of the Himalayas. Our geographical land-forms and Himalayas bless us with uncountable tourism opportunities of Climbing, Trekking and Hiking, which also helps us to be recognized as “Trekker’s paradise” to the world. Waking up in the lap of Himalayas every morning I feel rejuvenated to welcome a world of enthusiast travellers to this diversity. Nepal is also known as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, our cultural heritage, religious diversity, and authentic culture is what adds up to the beauty of Nepal. It surely is an amazing experience travellers get while travelling in my country.

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