Travel Tips During Kathmandu and Chitwan Tour

Do you desire to experience both Kathmandu and Chitwan in a single tour? Kathmandu is Nepal’s capital, largest city, and a melting pot of Nepalese ethnic groups. In Kathmandu, you will experience cultural and religious heritages that define Nepal as a country. However, you will enjoy more beautiful nature, greenery, endangered animals, and birds in Chitwan. Chitwan is where you find exotic animals such as Bengal Tigers, Rhinos, Smooth-coated Otters, and Bears. Here are some travel tips during Kathmandu and Chitwan Tour.

This blog will describe important travel tips during Kathmandu and Chitwan Tours. We also have listed must-visit places in Kathmandu and Chitwan as well as activities you must take part in once you reach these Cities. If we compare the costs, visiting Chitwan is significantly cheaper. You will get better food and more luxurious accommodation in Chitwan at cheaper rates. Crowds and city life lovers will love Kathmandu, whereas nature and wildlife enthusiasts will find Chitwan more alluring.

Ways To Get To Chitwan From Kathmandu:-

Kathmandu-airport- during Kathmandu and Chitwan tour 
Aeroplane Flights

Duration: 20 minutes
There are numerous flights between Kathmandu and Bharatpur every day. Air travel is the most convenient way to travel between these two places. Once you land, you will easily find plenty of taxis at Bharatpur Airport. Also, the Bharatpur air hub is located just 21 kilometres away from Chitwan National Park.

Private Road Travel

Duration: Approx 5 hours
If the traffic is okay, travelling to Chitwan from Kathmandu through roadways will only take about 5 hours. You will travel alongside the Trisuli river and observe forest-covered hills and farming valleys. Many Hotels offer private transfers between Kathmandu and Chitwan. If you choose private road travel, you will enjoy air conditioning, good suspension, and the freedom to stop at your desired locations. The Kathmandu Chitwan tour becomes more exciting when you take your private vehicle.

By Tourist Bus

Duration: Approx 5 hours

You also have the option of travelling to Chitwan via tourist buses. These buses begin from the Thamel area in the early morning and reach Sauraha in several hours. Tourist buses stop at various spots for meals and toilet breaks. These buses are more comfortable and safer than the local buses.

Must Visit Places in Kathmandu:-


Kathmandu Durbar Square:

The Kathmandu Durbar square is adorned with wood crafts and stone sculptures created by Newari artists and artisans. The Durbar Square used to be the palaces of the Malla and Shah kings, who ruled over the city. This town square is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has old courtyards and numerous temples, which will be intriguing for tourists worldwide to observe.

Pashupatinath Temple:

The Pashupatinath is considered the holiest Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Pashupati by Hindu devotees worldwide. This temple was recognized as a World Heritage Site as early as 1979 A.D. The temple is built in a peculiar Nepalese pagoda style. Only Hindus from the South Asian Region and Nepalese and Tibetan Buddhists are allowed in the inner temple courtyards. No one of western descent is allowed into the inner temple complex.


The Swayambhunath is an ancient Buddhist religious complex on the Kathmandu Valley’s top hill. The most important structure of the complex is the stupa. However, various Hindu shrines and temples, some as old as belonging to the Licchavi period, are also present at the site. Once you reach the Swayambhunath, you can enjoy the view of the whole Kathmandu valley.

Garden of Dreams:

Garden of Dreams is a serene place and a beautiful garden in busy Kathmandu City. Located in Kaiser Mahal, the garden is built according to neoclassical architecture. The beautiful garden is celebrated as the enduring legacy of the Late Field Marshall Kaiser Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana. The garden is surrounded by three pavilions, a small amphitheatre, and numerous ponds and pergolas.

Narayanhiti Palace:

Following the 2006 A.D. revolution, the former Narayanhiti Palace was transformed into a museum. It was opened to the public in 2008 A.D. Before the revolution, the monarch of Nepal resided, ruled, and hosted occasions of state from the palace. King Mahendra is credited With building the palace complex. It incorporates impressive courtyards, gardens, and buildings.

Must Visit Places in Chitwan:-

Here is the list of places that you must visit during the Chitwan Tour:

Chitwan National Park:

Also, the first national park of Nepal, Chitwan National Park, gained the status of a World Heritage Site in 1984. The protected area is home to 68 mammal species. Tourists can see some of the rarest exotic animals like Bengal Tigers, Indian Leopards, Clouded Leopard, Sloth Bears, Smooth-coated otters, Indian Rhinoceros, and many other endangered species in the National Park.

Elephant Breeding Center:

Located in Sauraha, Chitwan’s Elephant Breeding Center will let you observe how elephant meals are prepared and familiarize yourself with these large mammals’ daily habits. You will also see adorable baby elephants in this centre built for breeding domesticated elephants.

Chitwan Tharu Village:

Tharus have lived very close to the protected area of Chitwan for decades. Hence, their lifestyle and the natural world have become intricately knit together. The Tharu community lives throughout Nepal’s Terai plains and usually lives in long houses with their joint families. Most Tharu people work as farmers, but some also engage themselves in fishing and live unique forest life.

Top Things To Do In Kathmandu:-

Enjoy Newari Delicacies:

The Newars are notorious for lavish spending on Newari feasts (bhojs). Their dishes like Choilas, Chatamari, Yomari, Samay Baji, and Bara are loved by all Nepalese people. You will see many Newari food outlets on alleys and streets of Kathmandu. While visiting Kathmandu, make sure to relish these special Newari dishes.

Buy Handicrafts and Souvenirs:

Vendors selling singing bowls, woodcarving products, metal, stone statues, crafts, and carpets can be found in traditional courtyards and streets of Kathmandu. If you purchase them, they can act as souvenirs when you return to your own country.

Traditional Art, Thangka Paintings:

Thangka paintings are Buddhist paintings on cotton or silk cloth. These paintings each feature a Buddhist god or a Buddhist theme. These paintings are similar to Chinese scroll paintings. Nepalese Thangka paintings from the 14th century are still available today. These paintings are usually kept unframed and rolled up when not on display. These paintings are also used as teaching tools in Buddhism. This is one of the most important travel tips during the Kathmandu and Chitwan Tours because this traditional art is one of a kind.


Jatras are simply street festivals celebrated in cities and villages of Nepal. Some of the most important Jatras are Indra Jatra (Celebrated in Kathmandu), Bisket Jatra (Celebrated in Bhaktapur), and Bhoto Jatra (Celebrated in Patan). These Jatras are usually celebrated by taking part in chariot processions. These wooden Chariots usually carry local idols or deities.

Visit Kumari (The Living Goddess):

Kumari-during- Kathmandu-and -Chitwan-tour 

Kumaris are widely popular as the living goddesses. Cities such as Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Sankhu, and Bungamati have their own Kumaris. The Kumari is a chosen female virgin revered as the manifestation of divine female energy. The Kumari must be from a Buddhist family and belong to the Sakya clan.

Top Things To Do In Chitwan:-

Take A Safari Walk or go on a Jeep Safari :

Many wildlife parks do not allow you to trek inside. However, the Chitwan National Park allows a walking safari to its visitors. While on the safari walk, you will have a guide but no jeep to escape if you encounter wildlife.

On the other hand, in the jeep safari, you will travel sitting in the back as the vehicle will stop at places to show you the wildlife. A guide will also accompany you and provide you with interesting information about the environment and wildlife present in the national park.

Wash An Elephant:

travel-tips- during-Kathmandu-and- Chitwan-tour 
In Chitwan, you can wash an elephant in the Rapti River. This will be one of the most memorable activities in all your life as the elephants may even throw you into the water as you ride on their back. You can also dive into the river from the top of the elephant.

Canoeing Down The River:

If you want to look closely at the crocodiles and wildlife of Chitwan, Canoeing in the Rapti river is a great option. You will also see rare and endangered birds and animals as you drift down the river.


Both Kathmandu and Chitwan are unique cities in their own ways. Kathmandu is rich with traditions and cultural heritages, whereas Chitwan is rich with wildlife and natural beauty.

By choosing to visit these cities, you will gain a comprehensive experience of Nepalese people and their culture, as well as become familiar with Nepal’s exotic wildlife and forests. Only 175 kilometres separate these popular tourist destinations. Visitors can go from Kathmandu to Chitwan via private road travel, on a tourist Bus or through an Airplane Flight. Hope these travel tips during Kathmandu and Chitwan tours will help you in the following days.

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