Top 10 Adventure Activities In Nepal

When one thinks about Nepal, one envisions a stunning tapestry of Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries, the massive, snow-capped Himalayas, lush forests, and clear rivers. Nepal may be little in comparison to India and China, but that does not mean it should be disregarded. Offering a lot of adventure activities in Nepal. The state has more to offer than just breathtaking scenery; Nepal is unrivalled if you’re looking for adventure. The combination of limitless fun and thrill offered by the adventurous sports accessible here doubles the area’s majestic beauty.

As you engage in some of Nepal’s most engaging recreational activities, let your heart race with excitement. If you participate in one of these sports, you will get a strong adrenaline surge. So, leave your hotel beds and do something you will never forget. Some of these things you could have already completed in other nations, but the real significance resides in completing them in Nepal, which is home to the breathtaking Himalayas. Here is a comprehensive collection of these incredible thrillers.

1. Trekking

Trekking adventure activities of Nepal

When you think of adventure in Nepal, this comes to mind immediately. That is reasonable, given that this is where you have the best chance to learn about the Himalayas. Nepal is a wonderland for trekkers worldwide since it is home to eight of the ten highest peaks in the world. Every year, about 20,000 trekkers travel to Nepal for thrill and adventure.

The geography of the Himalayas offers some of the most beautiful trekking trails. It is understandable why Nepal is at the top of the list for hikers worldwide. As you set out on your wonderful tour, you will be in awe of the Himalayan ranges’ majesty. You will also be amazed by the primitive way of life of these mountain people.

2. White Water Rafting

In terms of whitewater rafting, one of the best destinations in the world is Nepal. As you engage in one of the most thrilling river rafting and kayaking adventures here, splash in the cool waters. The rush of excitement peaks as you row along serpentine routes surrounded by rocks and boulders.

The majority of the rivers in this area flow down from the Himalayan mountains, which are covered in snow. Your river rafting adventure is even more picturesque because of the emerald forests and clear skies. Watersports enthusiasts, you must not miss this; the thrill is out of this world.

Nepal’s best rafting spots include:
1. River Seti
2. River Trishuli
3. River Sun Koshi
4. River Karnali.

3. Paragliding and Parahawking

parahawking in Pokhara

Do you want to glide high in the clear sky of Nepal, heart racing? It would be best if you do not skip the adventure of paragliding in Nepal. Exhilarating panoramas of villages, monasteries, lakes, verdant jungles, and temples can be seen. Fly alongside eagles, kites, and Himalayan griffins. A recent activity worth mentioning is parahawking. By maintaining a piece of meat on your gloved hands, you can feed the birds while you are in the air.

Best Paragliding Locations in Nepal:

  1. Himalayas
  2. Annapurna range
  3. Due to its fantastic scenery, Pokhara is the finest location for paragliding. As you soar through the air, the area’s lakes appear as tiny blue dots. Sarangkot serves as the starting point, whereas Lakeside, Khahare, and Khapaudi serve as the finishing points.

What qualifications are needed to paraglide in Pokhara, Nepal?
There are no particular prerequisites in Pokhara, Nepal if you’re a regular individual wishing to paraglide. But a pilot needs a license and some flying experience to fly for gliding.

4. Jungle Safari

Chitwan jungle safari with rhino.

Nature lovers, including wildlife enthusiasts, now have more opportunities thanks to Nepal’s rich biodiversity. You can drive a jeep through the deep bush or ride an elephant. Some of the most unusual species in the world can be found in the southern plains of the nation, known as Terai.

You have enough land to explore the country’s natural wildness because natural reserves, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries cover about 16% of the country’s land area. Elephants, one-horned rhinos, and crocodiles are the endangered animals to look out for in this area. And if you spot the gorgeous Royal Bengal Tiger, consider yourself lucky!

Nepal’s Best Jungle Safaris:

  1. Chitwan National Park
  2. Bardiya National Park

5. Canyoning Adventure Activity

You must participate in canyoning while visiting Nepal. The area’s high altitude and particular topography guarantee a canyoning experience unlike any other in your life. Canyoning is one of the most exhilarating and adventurous adventures on Nepal’s rivers. You will be ecstatic to view the exquisite scenery in the distance as you ascend over the golden rocks. Canyoning is even more enticing by the magnificent waterfalls that cascade into small pools.

Canyoning in Nepal: The Best Places

  1. The waterpark at the Jalbire Canyon
  2. Bhotekoshi Valley (about 100 km from Kathmandu)
  3. Kakani ( about 35 km from Kathmandu)
  4. Marsyangdi Valley
  5. Sisneri (about 30 km from Kathmandu)

6. Bungee Jumping

One of the world’s most exhilarating activities is bungee jumping. Take a free fall off the world’s steepest gorges and have an experience you won’t find anywhere else. One of the top bungee experts in New Zealand created the bungee leap in Nepal. The welcoming and knowledgeable jumpers here guarantee your safe freefall and fantastic adrenaline rush.

In Nepal, there are primarily 3 locations for bungee jumping. Three are located in Kusma, Bhotekoshi, and Pokhara, respectively.

Kusma is the second-highest bungee location in the world among the three in Nepal. The height of Kusma Bungee is 228 metres. Pokhara’s bungee jump is 70 metres high, whereas the Bhotekoshi bungee is 160 metres high.

7. Rock Climbing

This adventure sport has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. Rock climbing in Nepal’s mountains is a truly exceptional and thrilling experience. As you ascend the challenging slopes, sweat beads form, but every drop is worth the excitement and adventure.

Several fantastic rock climbing alternatives are available nationwide for amateur, intermediate, and expert climbers. You will adore pushing your limits with these rocks in Nepal. The surrounding, densely vegetated area greets you with open arms as you wound your way to the peak.

8. Heli-Skiing

Skiing in the snowy mountains.

While sliding down the unspoiled, pure slopes, take in a mind-blowing spectacular view of the Nepali mountains. These days, heli-skiing is relatively popular, and you can experience this thrill in Nepal. The distant mountain slopes are even more exciting and enjoyable to explore in the powdery snow. As you enjoy skiing here, the magnificent Nepalese Himalayas let you see their majesty and glory. Ski enthusiasts, this is the perfect place to test your abilities!

Best Skiing Locations in Nepal:

  1. Annapurna range
  2. Mount Fishtail
  3. Dhaulagiri
  4. Makulu
  5. Cho Oyu
  6. Kanchenjunga
  7. Dolpo Region

9. Zip Flyer Adventure Activity

Buckle up because Nepal offers some of the most exhilarating zip lines to experience. You will have minutes of intense thrill and adventure thanks to the steep and lengthy zip lines here. The lush, emerald forests and high mountain peaks that tower over them will astound you. The area’s amazing natural splendour enhances the zip-lining experience.

Another daring sport you can enjoy in Pokhara, Nepal, is Zip Flyer, offered by Highground Nepal, in addition to Bungee Jumping and Swing. Enjoy the 1800-metre-long, 56-degree inclined, steepest, quickest, and longest Zipline in the world.

If you wish to enjoy a zip line while you are in Kathmandu, go to Dhulikhel, which is the closest area. They do offer various packages, like classic, Superman, and pair, and the cost of each varies.

10. Skydiving from Everest Region

Skydiving in everest region

Do you ever have dreams about flying? Take this opportunity to be ready for a skydive in Nepal. It is the most incredible experience to make you feel on top of the world.

Comparatively speaking to other adventurous activities in Nepal, skydiving is one of the more recent adventure sports. The majority of skydiving is done from two locations: Pokhara and Everest. The skydivers take off from either Kala Pathar or Gorak Shep at Everest.


The outdoor activities in Nepal will captivate you. It offers so many activities that you can have endless fun and excitement. The Himalayan nation offers extreme adventure activities because of its breathtaking scenery and mountains.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, Nepal offers a wide range of adventurous activities. Adventure seekers have long been drawn to Nepal. The wonders of the country entice travellers from around the world.

Additionally, for an adventurous experience, if this is your first time in Nepal, I recommend bungee jumping or swinging. Additionally, Pokhara offers ziplining and paragliding for your enjoyment.

You can call us, send a direct WhatsApp message, or email us if you need any help with adventure activities in Nepal.

FAQ for Adventure Activities In Nepal

Q: Can you find adventure in Nepal?
Nepal, surrounded by eight of the highest mountains in the world, is a haven for thrill seekers.

Q: What are the most popular adventure activities in Nepal?
The most popular adventure sports include bungee jumping, swinging, paragliding, and ziplining because they are simple to perform and less expensive than skydiving, trekking, etc.

Q: Which locations provide outdoor adventure activities close to Kathmandu?
Popular locations close to Kathmandu offering outdoor adventure sports, including hiking, biking, ziplining, bungee jumping, swinging, etc., include Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Chisapani, and Bhotekoshi.

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