Mr. Ramesh Dulal: Tour Guide

Namaste from Nepal !

Mr. Dulal was born in Terathum District(Eastern region of Nepal). He Came to Capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu for university study. He has begun his tourism career in 2012 as an office worker as well as a student. Then he became a Manager of the Leading Tourist Hotel in Nepal. He completed his Master Degree in Education from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Now he is tour operator as well tour guide in Attractive Travels and Tours. He has gained more knowledge for responsible tourism and operates tour by using his update knowledge for the present wants and willingness of tourist as a young tourism operator in Nepal. He is specialized in Cultural, historical and UNESCO tour guide with Attractive Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd., Nepal team since 2017 after his tour guide diploma training from NATHAM (Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management) College, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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