Nepal is a country rich in cultures, these cultures are linked with the history, economic life, geographical setting and lifestyle of the people. And so to represent these cultures, there are various festivals in Nepal. The major festivals in Nepal are Dashain and Tihar. Dashain is the Hindu festival in Nepal, celebrated for about two weeks with prayers and offerings to goddess Durga. Tihar is a festival of lights celebrated for 5 days with worship to goddess Laxmi. Kukur Tihar is the day in Nepal in which Nepalese people celebrate Kukur Puja also known as the dog festival in Nepal. In Nepal, there is a five day Hindu festival called Tihar. On the second day of the festival, Kukur Tihar occurs. Nepal is one of only a few countries in the world that has a festival solely dedicated to worshipping dogs. The other days of Tihar consist of worshipping cows and crow also. Tihar is one of the most sacred Hindu festivals and also known as the festival of lights.

This dog festival is celebrated by blessing them with a red mark on their forehead also known as Tika. Dogs are given flower garlands and offered food on this day. Hindu people believe that the dog is a messenger of Yamraj(the god of death), so they keep the dogs in good condition for peace and prosperity. Not only the pet dogs are involved in the celebration. Stray dogs are also worshiped and honored on the day. Every dog in the nation is treated with quality foods like meat, eggs, milk. In this festival, the dogs are given special treatment and are respected for their loyalty and friendliness.

So, Nepalese dogs both without a home or with home are thanked for their friendship and loyalty. Dog festival in Nepal is a special day for the dogs, as these animals are the most intelligent and loyal animals in the world. And as gratitude and respect, the Nepalese people worship them in this special festival. This day is also known as the “Day of the Dog” focusing on their relationship with dogs. It is a festival that acknowledges these wonderful animals for their faithfulness and support. This dog festival in Nepal shows us the bond between the people and dogs describing how dogs have been always the companion for humans since ancient times. This day is dedicated to dogs and shows respect towards them.



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