Chandragiri – Patan Durbar Square – 1 Day Tour

  • 1-30
  • Duration 1 day


Hiking to the Chandragiri Hills and later visiting the Patan Durbar Square in the same day is a perfect match for exploring two different historical essential places. Chandragiri takes to the top of the Valley and offers stunning views of the great Himalayas Range. In contrast, Patan lies between the city and provides an opportunity to explore ancient monuments and local people’s ethnic and cultural behavior.

Chandragiri Hill

Chandragiri hill is one of the best and most comfortable hiking places around Kathmandu Valley. The hiking starts from Kathmandu Valley (1,650 m) and takes to the elevation of 2,280 meters at Chandragiri Hill. The trip offers spectacular vistas of snow-capped peaks above and the beautiful city of Kathmandu valley beneath the hill. You can discover the stunning views of Mt. Everest (8,848 m), Jugal Himal (14,000 ft), and the Langtang region (7,234 m) from the top of Chandragiri Hill. However, the day hike to Chandragiri Hill takes us through the densely forested track to the hill’s apex. We can enjoy the variety of scenery that appeared throughout the trail.

Patan Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square is the major attractive destination to explore inside the Kathmandu Valley. The Durbar Square area is listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Basically, Patan is a city of 55 major temples. The Durbar Square was the old royal palace of Malla Rulers until 1734, and it has been changed into the Patan Museum. Patan area has preserved ancient statues and monuments around the city. The site is famous for woodcraft and metal craft. The most attractive and exciting place to explore is Lord Krishna Temple. The temple was made of a single stone in the 17th century. Moreover, the shape of the temple is octagonal. 

A large bell made in 1737 hanging beside the temple is still rung once a year by the local inhabitant. Moreover, in the Patan area, we can taste the delicious typical Newari Food. These food items are significantly healthier and more organic.


Day 1: Chandragiri Sunrise View and Patan Durbar Square (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) Hike

We will start our hiking early in the morning to Chandragiri Hill. We will ride to Matatirtha Temple by bus then start climbing the Chandragiri Hills. You have the option to travel via Cable Car. We will walk for 3 hours steadily to reach the top of the Hill. The trail goes through dense forest. The stunning view of the highest peak in the world obviously makes you forget all the tiredness. We will enjoy the panoramic vistas of nature.

After 1 -2 hours of exploring time we will have lunch at Chandragiri then descend back to Matatirtha. We will travel an hour by bus to reach the Patan Durbar Square area. We have to buy tickets to enter into the area of World Heritage Site in Patan. We will explore the Patan Durbar Square all the day. The visiting time closes at 17: 30 pm.  Then we will be back to our hotel and prepare another suitable route.


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trip facts
PRICE: US $ 90
TRIP START: Kathmandu
TRIP END: Kathmandu
TREK TYPE: Walking and Sightseeing
BEST MONTH: All the year
ACCESSIBILITY: Bus, Cable Car, Trek
MAX.Altitude: 2,551 meters
Group Size Group Price
1 US $ 90
2-3 US $ 70
4-10 US $ 60
11-20 US $ 50
20+ US $ 40
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